Completed Projects

We have a significant amount of experience working with DNA barcoding of fungi and have completed DNA extraction, amplification, and sequencing for over 25,000 individual specimens. Some examples of recently completed projects include: The genus Amanita – Over 1,000 specimens from the genus as a part of multiple projects. The majority include sequences from multiple loci. Fungi of the Pacific Northwest – Over 1,000 specimens completed across several projects. Brad’s Fall Foray (2017, 2018, 2019) – Annual foray from the Missouri Mycological Society. NAMA Foray Specimens – Over 1,400 specimens collected at events sponsored by the North American Mycological Association. Lincoff Foray (2022) – Over 600 specimens from the event. Smith Foray (2015, 2018) – Annual Great Lake States foray. Santa Cruz Mycoflora Foray  2018 – One hundred specimens were successfully sequenced from the 2018 event. Radical Mycology Convergence 2018 – A few dozen specimens collected from the event. Mycoflora of Indiana – Over 15,000 specimens from the state. New York – Over 500 specimens from a projects in New York. Wisconsin – Over 100 specimens collected from a project the state.
Thousands of sequences from other projects.