Open Positions

Laboratory Technician

Job Description:
Mycota Lab is a 501c3 molecular laboratory focused on biodiversity research. We are seeking a laboratory technician that will be trained to independently handle all lab workflows, equipment, and protocols. These include, but are not limited to sample preparation and organization, DNA extraction, DNA amplification, and DNA sequencing. No previous molecular laboratory experience is required for this position, but we are seeking candidates who are driven to contribute to community science and biodiversity research, and who are able to work both independently and as part of a team. Plainly, this position will resemble an assembly line at a factory. The ideal candidate will be highly organized, have attention to detail, and is willing/able to process large number of macrofungal specimens and soil samples across a small number of workflows. Extensive spreadsheet organization and pipetting will be a core component of this position.

Start Date:

Open, but preferably sooner rather than later.

Location & Schedule:
Physical presence is required in the Ann Arbor, MI area for 40 hours per week. Work hours highly flexible.

• Sample preparation, organization, and management – dried fungal specimens and soil
• DNA extraction – various kits/protocols for tissue and soil
• DNA amplification – automated plate preparation & PCR preparation
• DNA sequencing – library prep for Illumina & nanopore
• Specimen organization within the herbarium.
• May include work at institutional herbaria
• Handle and dispense reagents/chemicals
• Maintain equipment and other assets
• Maintain a clean, organized work environment
• Physical presence required. Occasional work may be performed at home.
• Ability to perform independent work

• Exceptional organizational skills; Detail oriented
• Proficiency with spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets)
• No previous experience with molecular methods is required
• Preference will be given for candidates with previous experience and engagement with community science projects, particularly within mycology.

Pay & Benefits:
$20 – $30 per hour
Health Insurance
Holiday Pay

Apply with a Resume/CV and cover letter to



**Volunteer Opportinity with Mycota Lab: Sequence Communicator**

The amount of DNA barcode data for macrofungi of North America is increasing at an exponential rate. The time has come to start systematically organizing and summarizing the data. Operationalizing the data means the broader research community can begin to make use of such a valuable resource in meaningful ways.

Questions this could help to answer include: How much more collecting do we need for this species/group? What geographic areas should we target? What type specimens should take priority? An example can be found in the post below about Neofavolus/Favolus of the USA and Canada.

Mycota Lab is seeking several applicants who will undergo detailed training for this role. This is an entirely new role in the field, which may best be thought of as a Sequence Validator + Science Communicator = Sequence Communicator position. Though the role is not limited to sequence data, it will also require knowledge of related subjects like morphology, ecology, phenology, and geography to establish the best summary of a species group based on currently available data.

If this sounds like something you are interested in helping us with, send an email to with your background information. Together we can achieve an outline of North American macrofungi.