Latest News

11/5/19 – MycoMap Updates
  • New project filters added to the main dashboard:  low quality, wrong specimen and contaminant.
  • A new species name override or a note added to the project will now appear without refreshing the project page.
  • Under the Voucher “V” box on a dashboard, a new button was included: “Download Specimen Packet.” It utilizes the species name listed in the project (or the override).
  • Under the species name field in the GenBank upload area, there are two new checkboxes:
    “Add cf. to species name” Smaller gray font: “Sequence similarity of 99%+. It is likely this species.”
    “Add aff. to species name” Smaller gray font: “Sequence similarity of 96% – 98%. It is closely related to this species.”
    Users can only check one. The species name field must be a “species” otherwise the user gets an error when trying to save. “The taxonomic name must be at the species level to use this checkbox.”
    For these checkboxes, it includes “cf.” or “aff.” between the genus and species name on the GenBank spreadsheet that is generated. Example “Amanita aff. muscaria”
  • MyCoPortal import code rewritten.