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***We are currently at full capacity and not accepting new project orders for the DNA barcoding service until the summer. If you have a project you are interested in discussing, please send an email to reserve your future slot. Priority slots will be given to individuals we have previously worked with.***

Full service DNA barcoding package. You mail us a dried specimen and we take care of the rest. If you are interested in sequencing 100 or more specimens, or if you would like to utilize the sequencing services on an ongoing basis, send us an email and we may be able to offer additional discounts on pricing. Package includes:
  • Tissue taken from the dried fungal specimen.
  • DNA extraction from tissue.
  • DNA amplification (PCR, up to two attempts).
  • DNA visualization (electrophoresis)
  • DNA sequencing (2 reads – forward and reverse)
  • DNA sequence editing (combining the forward and reverse reads; Sequencher file)
  • Personalized project dashboard (MycoMap.com)
  • DNA barcoding results – compare reference data from GenBank and our internal working database (10,000+ unpublished sequences) and a personalized consultation to answer any questions you have.
  • GenBank Upload
  • Upload of sequence data back to original MO or iNat observation.
Unsuccessful Specimens
We are typically successful on 90% or more of specimens that are submitted. We cannot guarantee all of your specimens will be successful and we cannot offer full refunds on specimens that are not successful. The amplified DNA for each specimen is checked using gel electrophoresis before it is sent for sequencing. We will not attempt sequencing on DNA that does not amplify. Your account will be credited $5.00 for each specimen where sequencing is not attempted.

Certain species, genera, and groups of fungi are more likely to fail the DNA extraction or amplification process. Fungi with a tough flesh, such as polypores, are more difficult to successfully extract DNA from. The same is true for very small specimens, particularly when they are attached to wood. We do our best to accommodate all types of fungal projects, but you need to be aware that some projects may be more successful than others, and it may have to do with the groups of fungi you are working with. Feel free to contact us if you would like to dicuss the particulars of your project.

Suggestions when working with small specimens:
The best results can be acquired when the tissue is collected while the mushroom is fresh.  We suggest placing the tissue in a buffer solution before the specimens are dried. We offer 2.0 mL screw-top tissue collection tubes with 600 nuclei lysis solution for this purpose.

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